“Do you really want to change?” ~

06 Oct 2022

Hello friend, it’s Titch here.

Yep, I’m back again, with my tail between my legs. No surprises there - but let’s explain things a little, shall we?

As of the last blog post, I decided to step back from content creation for a ‘long time’, to take a good rest and start afresh. Because if things didn’t change yet again, then I’d just hit another burnout wall… again, and then throw in the towel… again.

Sometimes the best ideas, instincts and decisions come from when you aren’t actively taking part in those things you are at a crossroads about - and that’s exactly why I needed to escape for an indefinite period of time.

There’s no two ways about it - content creation online is cut-throat and extremely difficult to maintain on top of normal life (and a full-time job). Of course it’s fun, and definitely gives me a sense of purpose - but my brain has a love-hate relationship with it. This is also something I’ve seen with some of my favourite content creators - they have these cycles of creating stuff, being in a good place, and then they just retreat offline for a while cos it gets ‘too much’. It’s a cycle I’ve fallen into as well.

As a wise person once said (probably wasn't Einstein) - the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Therefore, the only way to break the cycle is to make a permanent change - or expect another wallop of burnout again. Here’s how I’m going about it this time.

No self-imposed schedule for stuff - apart from streaming.

If you picked up Shenmue World issue 2 (if you didn’t, why not?!), then you would have got a flyer advertising my livestreams being on Thursdays at 4pm GMT / BST on my Twitch channel / for Shenmue Dojo. This is something that won’t change.

However, I will still aim (a word I’ve used a lot in this blog post) to release stuff (videos and / or blog posts) on a Tuesday, like old times, just not every Tuesday. Stuff will get pushed out when it’s done. Screw the algorithms - they’re for machines, not humans.

Long pre-recorded Let’s Plays (LPs) will now be scrapped. Kinda.

Despite being in the midst of a Yakuza 0 LP series on YouTube, instead of pre-recording each episode, I now plan to stream the playthroughs instead. All stream VODs will be available on my YouTube channel regardless, so you won’t miss any sequential gameplay. It will just feel different as it won’t be edited gracefully like the usual ones are.

An exception to this is that, due to my undying love of Shenmue and to honour the series (and the social media campaigns surrounding its longevity), I will be eventually doing an old-school pre-recorded Shenmue III LP series, once I finish streaming the playthrough for Shenmue Dojo. The highlight reels I aim to release for Shenmue Day each month will still continue.

Aim to blend long-form and short-form content.

This is something recommended by a few followers (thank you!) - instead of pre-recording stuff, I aim to create short-form edits of highlights from playthroughs (LPs) and livestreams. This means I get a balance of long-form and short-form content out there, without piling my plate too much and giving up again. Best of both worlds then for both types of audiences.

For example, the time I used to dedicate to pre-recording can be spent editing a stream into a highlight reel instead. There may still be some pre-records done, as some video ideas are best realised in that way, but just not as frequent as they previously were.

The look and feel.

I’ve spent a lot of time behind the scenes re-doing the site, blog and graphic assets for streaming and promos. The ‘Titch Life’ logo and colour scheme hasn’t changed, but have just thrown in a couple of old-school things as a sucker for nostalgia - such as VHS glitches, photographic film grain (hoping my current profile picture gives off that impression and isn’t just looking low-res!) and yesteryear-style OS window panes.

Content topics won’t change.

I’m still me, still gaming, still doodling Titch-style Shenmue memes to make into stickers / self-made merch on Ko-fi (trust me, there are a load sitting on Procreate nearly ready to go), still evangelising about 1980s new wave / zolo bands (the hidden links in this post prove that - and I’ve also made an alternate Twitter account for that stuff so it doesn’t plague the main account)… still got this poor blog on the side that gets neglected, but will still aim to bring stuff out on it (especially since I’ve spent hours coding the damn thing ;) and to be honest I love blogging as much as editing).

No more ‘breaks’.

If I’ve gone quiet for a bit on the uploads or streams, assume I’m having a rest or working on something behind the scenes. The only consistency will be my inconsistency.

The only place I remain active, for most of the time even during any sort of lull, is my Discord server.

So that’s that then…

It’s good to be back, albeit slowly (I’ve already drip-fed out two videos on YouTube).

See you in the next bit of content!


Ta ta,