//Stepping back. ~

21 Jul 2022

A few weeks ago, I went on a much-needed holiday, after not having any sort of one for a couple of years. At the destination, internet wasn’t a guarantee, so I had already decided before going that it would be the perfect chance to have a complete shut-off from social media and the content creation side of things.

During this downtime, something started to become clearer, as a result of finally having a rest and being off the hamster wheel of life for a bit.

And so, after much internal conflict and deliberation, I've decided to step back from content creation for an indefinite period of time.

This is something that has been festering for a long while, nor has been taken lightly, and so hasn’t been a snap decision. There are many reasons for this - but the biggest reason of all is my mental health. My heart loves doing all this stuff, but my brain (and health) says ‘no’.

At the start of 2022, I made an active decision to cut down on making content to reduce burnout, and to reduce time on social media, but it just wasn’t enough.

On a more positive note, during this time, I’ve gained so many new skills and thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of it - especially meeting some incredible people along the way (you know who you are).

This is by no means the ultimate end to ‘Titch Life’, as I will be leaving content up and social media open etc. so there is always an opportunity to come back in future - but for now, it is time to refocus on real life and recovery.

Ultimately, thank you so much for being here at any / many point(s) over the past two years - and for your understanding.


Goodbye friend,