Content update for the new year ~

03 Jan 2022

Hello and happy new year! It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, which always pains me to think about…

…and is also why I wanted to write something as it’s a new year, things have happened and changed since I started the blog and YouTube stuff etc. so I wanted to document it somewhere as there is only so much you can put on a social media post.

I can’t believe that it’s already been a whole year of blogging and YouTubing under Titch Life. It feels like so much has happened and changed along the way - for the better!

Moving along doing this stuff means chopping and changing along the way to work out what works… especially when you work full-time… work.

And so, what is the plan going forward? The biggest change is the following…

I’m super excited and honoured to be doing so!

In other news, I’ve mostly spent the holiday period having a break, making stuff on a Cricut Joy (Christmas present) and a lot of playing around with OBS to get streaming set-ups just right for the upcoming Shenmue Dojo streams, but also my own Twitch channel streams.

That leaves the elephants in the room of the YouTube channel and blog. As streaming will be taking up more of my time, something has to give.

Posting weekly on YouTube was a joy, but a slog that lead to inevitable burnout towards the Christmas period.

I absolutely love editing and making videos, but being a human being and not a machine, something always has to suffer when you are ‘overworking’ on stuff. It’s time to protect the ‘best self’ as this inevitably leads to better content.

From now onwards:

The main goal going forward for content is to release it when done, not on self-imposed deadlines to appease ‘the algorithm’ and erode mental health in attempting to do so. That way, it’s more quality over quantity, more desire to make stuff than give up completely.

Basically, it’s time to be kinder to myself, but still do ‘all the things’ in a balanced way.

Thank you for reading and most importantly, thank you for consuming any content I’ve pushed out over the year; it really means a lot!


Speak soon,