Blog update - 27th March ~

27 Mar 2021

Hello friend, it’s Titch here.

When I first put this blog online, I had a load of pages of ‘categories’ all available to click through and navigate (despite there being zero blog posts to fill them out with) - but it was a logistical nightmare and took a LOT of HTML files to manage it (in short, yuck). This is due to the way I’ve coded and currently host the blog.

Since then, when I eventually found a minute between life, work and YouTube video scheduling, I finally found a gap to add in a couple of things I was so desperate to do for the blog for months. And so, the face of the blog has changed slightly since you last visited:

My next goals are to have:

I’m not sure if they are feasible but I’ll do some investigating. Baby steps, though! It took this long for this update. Gosh, it’s hard work self-managing a blog. I’ll just get a vulnerability-riddled WordPress server next time. ;)

Thanks for reading - that was all.

Oh, and my YouTube channel has now hit 30 subscribers - thank you again, I’m chuffed!


Speak soon,