Welcome to my blog! ~

01 Jan 2021

Hello friend, it’s Titch here. Welcome to my new-and-shiny blog!

Blogging is something I really enjoy, and something I used to do a few years ago (2017-2018). I’ve really been missing it and fancied giving it another shot. I’ve always regretted deleting my old blog, but at the very least, it desperately needed to move away from an expensive Wordpress server to something easier (and more secure) to manage. The solution I’m using now has been and will continue to be a godsend for me, fitting right in to the set up of the main site. I’m being cagey about the details here as I’m tempted to make some sort of content (video/blog post) in the future on how I set up the sites and got the blog going, for a third of the price of trying to run a Wordpress server on its own.

Speaking of that blog, I did make a backup of the old posts to a hideous-looking .xml file. I’m aiming to dig through it for my favourite content from it, and then aim to reupload some of the best bits to this blog. At the beginning of any of those old posts, I’ll make it clear that it’s a legacy one. Any post that doesn’t have that disclaimer on, like this one, will always be new content.

Whilst this blog is ready for content and posts, like this one, I’m working on sorting out categories to make it easier to find specific content. Keep tuning in and you may see a new navigation bar reflecting this in future. (Edit - this has now been done! I’ve also migrated the blog over to the new branding, Titch Life)

Signing off for now, I’ve rambled enough.

Thanks for reading - any positive engagement with any content I push out into the internet ether is always appreciated, muchly.


Speak soon,